Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Christ Church, we are committed to promoting health bodies and minds for both children and adults alike. We are all on a journey together to support each other so that we can appreciate life in all its fullness.

 Mrs Victoria Hirst is our Youth Mental Health Leader in school. She has completed the Youth Mental Health First Aid 2 Day Training, along with Miss Embleton.

Mrs Hirst provides support to children and parents as necessary and can be contacted via the School Office. She can also be contacted via email

Covid-19 Support

The following resources may be useful during these times.


If you are a young person in Calderdale this site is for you. It will help you with questions about emotional health and wellbeing, showing you where you can find support. It will also help you to sort things out for yourself with ideas and tools and people you can talk to. Follow the link to find out more...


If you are feeling worried about anything, no matter how big or small it seems, there is always someone to talk to. The websites below will also be able to help: